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Noin Rivera 


Noin Rivera was born in Arecibo, Puerto Rico where he developed his artistic career for overs twenty years. He has a BA in Biology from the Catholic University of Puerto Rico followed by specialized studies on the human figure in Dominican Republic at the school Altos del Chavón.
In 2002 he obtained his masters in Fine Arts from the Inter American University of San Germán with a thesis based on traditional toys from Puerto Rico.

Toys, and the childhood memories it brings, have taken a new perspective after the birth of his youngest child in 2018. Dinosaurs, now play a big role in his paintings, along with elements that are always recurrent in his artwork such as the ants, and other insects. His paintings evoke nostalgia, memories, and happiness to the spectators as they reflect on their own childhood and the toys they had in comparison with the toys of their children.


As a man who born and raised in the island of Puerto Rico, Noin brings the colors of the Caribbean to birth his paintings, making them a statement piece. Every painting will telling a story and brighten up a space. 

Noin enjoys collecting antique toy tops, visiting museums, exploring different art mediums, camping and spending time with his wife and son. 

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